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Our Photo in the New York Times | Porter Grey Presentation New York Fashion Week

20 Feb

Our photographer Desmond O’toole had two pictures posted on New York Times website. He submitted two pictures from New York Fashion Week Porter Grey presentation.

Here are the links of the two pictures he posted.




So proud of Dess and the RBRW team for doing the great job during Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion week.

~Solo Dove~


A look into Spring | Suzi Chin Spring 2011 Collection

10 Dec
Black Cocktail Dress Spring 2011

On Thursday night I  attended the Suzi Chin Spring 2011 showcase on behalf of RealBeautyRealWomen.com at the lovely Maggy Boutique on 7th ave. Suzi Chin for Maggy Boutique provides style from women size 0-24. Suzi Chin collections usually features about 100 pieces so there is something for everyone. Suzi Chin works in 3 parts. #1 She designs for the present, #2 they fit for last season and #3 they start working on designs for next season. This work ethic is what keeps Suzi Chins designs fresh and trendy. Her designs are young yet sophisticated.


The evening went off without a hitch. There were some beautiful bridal items for the Spring 2011 collection that any bride would proud to wear. As well as brides maids outfits that won’t make you cringe.   There is so much attention to detail in each of the dress. Also each print/pattern is custom-made for Suzi Chin.

Great color option for the spring if you’re not a fan of bright colors

Live models showing off the season styles

Bridal Selections

Suzi Chin also carries plus sizes or “women sizes” and they are not just the larger versions of the petite dresses. Which is great. Each garment is made to accentuate the body.







bridal selections

Style # 7160 on the right

The plus size women should feel very confident wearing Suzi Chin who  has dressed Gabourey “Gabby” Sidibe and Mo’Nique.  Suzi Chin has been designing for 25 years, and from speaking with her you can tell she is still very much excited about her line. If you are into color there is something in the Spring 2011 for you. Even if you love your black there are at least 30 or so pieces that will satisfy your love of black.  The thing about Suzi Chin is she don’t just want to be the place you come to get your “special occasion dress” but where you can find an outfit for everyday of the week.  Suzi Chin is a lifestyle brand. This Spring 2011 is one that provides dresses that are comfortable, sexy and easy to wear. Who doesn’t like that?

Happy Flying,

~Solo Dove~

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

25 Sep

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. So of course RBRW will be participating in it own way to combat this epidemic.

We have an event scheduled for Oct. 21 we will be showing the documentary “Not In My Backyard”  more details coming soon. We want all of you who are able to attend. Its going to be great.

Also if you have any events coming up in the NJ and/or NY area that you would like RBRW to attend and cover. Let us know.

Throughout the month we will keep Domestic Violence on the fore front.  As you know with RBRW we are not only committed to fashion, make-up, entertainment but social issues.

We ask that you join us is bring awareness for the month of October and even beyond. You never know who maybe experiencing Domestic Violence be it verbal or physical so also use this time to check your surroundings and speak to friends and families. And if you are a victim we encourage you to get the support that you need.

~Solo Dove~

What’s New at RBRW

25 Sep

Some pretty good things have been happening at RBRW.

We attended and covered the WEEN awards. And Jac even got to interview Gayle King!! For me this was great and I can only imagine how Jac felt.  Gayle was one of the people who Jac really wanted to interview.

We’ve attended numerous shows for New York Fashion Week. We were back and forth between NJ and NY so much very hectic.  The videos are being edited and up soon. We do have pictures up from the events we covered up on Facebook. Just search RealBeautyRealWomen.com in the search box “like” us and check out the pictures.

Fashion Week was great it allowed us to interview some great and creative people. We saw some beautiful shows. Fashion Week was all about exposure. Exposure for use so that we are more well-known and exposure for the people and events that we covered.

The goal of RBRW is always to  bring quality to the reader and viewer and let you know what social issues are going on.  So we will continue to be out and about bringing you the latest.

Happy Flying,

Solo Dove


13 Aug

Hello Everyone Welcome to RBRW Blog.

Sandra of Solo Dove Public Relations

I am Sandra from Solo Dove Public Relations and I am the Publicist for RBRW and Ms Jac Aluotto.

Specializing in Entertainment and Non Profit PR

Since I have joined the team I have worked on the WORLD PEACE BEGINS AT HOME EVENT. Which went well and we raised a good amount money. But we still have more to go. About $400,000 to be extact. From the PR stand point it was important that we get the media aware of what was going on. Introduce them to Jac, the event, the shelter and why it is important to save it. Not only did we have some reality stars there but they were there for a great cause.  Dealing with relatiy starts was certaintly interesting as some of you may have heard the incident about Teresa from RHONJ not wanting to participate unless she was paid. But such is the nature of the business.

For this event post event publicity was just as important as reaching out to press and media before the event. And even know we are getting press regarding the event as well as people wanting to find out more about Jac and the Strengthen Our Sister shelter.

As we work on new ideas for October which is DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AWARENESS MONTH we want to keep the momentum going that you can be a fashionista and be socially conscious.

I just want YOU to be aware that there is alot of behind the scenes work that goes on in putting on an event or setting up and interview, etc we just need your continued support.  Donate, share your ideas, check out the site regularly, tweet about us , stumbleupon, ENJOY RBRW….

(QUICK PLUG) As Jac is a domestic violence expert is available to speak at your function and also to screen her documentary “NOT IN MY BACKYARD”.

I hope that you have enjoyed your visit to the blog and the site. Come back this is a place for you.

~Solo Dove~


8 Aug

I am Jacquelyn Aluotto and this is what I have to say:


WORLD PEACE BEGINS AT HOME is an event that took place in NJ to help save STRENGTHEN OUR SISTERS domestic violence shelter. I created this event because I feel that there is so much happening in America and whether our government can’t assist or will not assist we need to help each other.   This event was so refreshing to me. Everyone donated their time including REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NJ Danielle Staub who gave a compelling speech as a survivor of abuse,  Her daughter Christine showed the women how to walk in the fashion show, and her other daughter Jillian attented, Singer Lori Micheals also attented,  STYLE NETWORK  JERSEYLICIOUS star Alexa Prisco and The REAL BEAUTY REAL WOMEN (RBRW) team celebrity stylist Jacqui Phillips, Jacquelyne’Joya and Eric Alt made over 40 battered women from the shelter so that they could look and feel beautiful. They got a complete head to toe make over and Jacquelyne,Joya Inc also donated all the dresses for the fashion show. We wanted the women to be able to keep their dresses and accessories. They loved being in the fashion Show and all look so radiant. The women strutted their stuff. RBRW and my personal Publicist and right hand Sandra from Solo Dove Public Relations donated her time. Ashlee Ray from ESPN donated her time and co-hosted the event with me. My friends and family all helped so much for 2 months to pull this event together. I was inspired to see everyone working so hard for such an important cause. We raised since July 18th the day of the event over $11,ooo. Please we still have $450,oo0 to go. Strengthen Our Sisters has 8 houses where battered women and their children seek refuge for a safe Haven. Every 6 hours a woman is murdered in this country by her spouse. 50 percent of  homeless people are women and children fleeing from abuse in their homes. Every 9 seconds a women in America is being beaten. This is an epidemic now. Teenagers are getting abused in  their High School. The statistics say 1 in 4 high school girls are being abused. Strengthen Our Sisters breaks the cycle of violence, poverty, abuse, ignorance and homeless. This is a movement I am proud to be apart of and hope everyone else will be inspired also. If we do not start learning to heal and help each other the human race will become extinct. We are producing a WORLD PEACE BEGINS AT HOME SERIES to show people how to create an event in your state and your community  to help SAVE  your CAUSE. We are all passionate about different cause in our back yard. I want to know what yours is and I want to help you make a difference in the world. You can watch my documentary NOT IN MY BACK YARD. I spent 7 years in battered women and children shelters to show how they live and make people aware of what is happening in our yards. We also have a Not In My Back Yard Series showing people not only what is happening in America but how we can solve these social issues. 100 percent of the profits go to victims, and the organization that help save lives and break the cycle. To learn more about Strengthen Our Sister or to donate go to   strengthenoursisters.org

Below are some pictures of the event! Hope you enjoy them!

Star of the hit Style Network And E! Jerseylicious Alexa Prisco and Jacquelyn Aluotto speaking at the event.