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13 Aug

Hello Everyone Welcome to RBRW Blog.

Sandra of Solo Dove Public Relations

I am Sandra from Solo Dove Public Relations and I am the Publicist for RBRW and Ms Jac Aluotto.

Specializing in Entertainment and Non Profit PR

Since I have joined the team I have worked on the WORLD PEACE BEGINS AT HOME EVENT. Which went well and we raised a good amount money. But we still have more to go. About $400,000 to be extact. From the PR stand point it was important that we get the media aware of what was going on. Introduce them to Jac, the event, the shelter and why it is important to save it. Not only did we have some reality stars there but they were there for a great cause.  Dealing with relatiy starts was certaintly interesting as some of you may have heard the incident about Teresa from RHONJ not wanting to participate unless she was paid. But such is the nature of the business.

For this event post event publicity was just as important as reaching out to press and media before the event. And even know we are getting press regarding the event as well as people wanting to find out more about Jac and the Strengthen Our Sister shelter.

As we work on new ideas for October which is DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AWARENESS MONTH we want to keep the momentum going that you can be a fashionista and be socially conscious.

I just want YOU to be aware that there is alot of behind the scenes work that goes on in putting on an event or setting up and interview, etc we just need your continued support.  Donate, share your ideas, check out the site regularly, tweet about us , stumbleupon, ENJOY RBRW….

(QUICK PLUG) As Jac is a domestic violence expert is available to speak at your function and also to screen her documentary “NOT IN MY BACKYARD”.

I hope that you have enjoyed your visit to the blog and the site. Come back this is a place for you.

~Solo Dove~