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THE GREAT GATSBY GALA |Benefiting the United Cerebral Palsy of New York

28 Mar

The Great Gatsby Gala, in aid of the United Cerebral Palsy  of New York (UCP), was an event that consisted of a group of generous people  including a list of celebrities getting together to support a worthy cause  through fun, fine food and gambling. The Dreamland Orchestra contributed to  the evening’s 1920’s inspired theme with a repertoire of songs that had your  toes tapping and shoulders moving. Guests had access to gaming tables and an exquisite buffet dinner provided on location by Fino Ristorante  Italiano.

Celebrity host for the evening Jill Flint, from the hit  television show, “Royal Pains” shared a very personal story as to why she has  recently come on board to support such a worthy cause.   “I  grew up with someone who was affected by cerebral Palsy: my baby sitters son.  She was not only taking care of my brother and me but she was also taking care  of her son as well”

Flint came from a small town where to access resources  for someone who suffered from cerebral palsy was very limited and difficult to  say the least. Watching her babysitter ensure that her son lived a content  life, Flint observed a woman trying to provide some normality to challenges of  simple things that we take for granted including being able to speak or  communicate, do homework and participate in a variety of general activities  just so he wouldn’t feel left out.

While Flint’s association with UCP is  only just a recent development her passion is contagious. Her goal is to have  this cause ‘talked about’ – to create awareness through dialogue. Her belief  is purely that everyone regardless of your challenges in life has the right to live an independent and fulfilled life. UCP as an organization is exactly what this is all about, specifically for those who are living with disabilities  including Cerebral Palsy.

The United Cerebral Palsy of New York City is a  leading nonprofit agency that creates many opportunities for people affected  by Cerebral Palsy. There are countless services available from UCP.   Included is affordable housing  particularly in New York City that provides simple things like elevators and  appropriate shower facilities, Education Programs that work with Pre School children and provide After School Programs, Arts Programs and comprehensive  Adult Day Care Facilities. More information about their services, their team  and the wonderful work that they do can all be found on their website:  www.ucpnyc.org

Flint also shared very briefly about another  organization that she hopes to become more involved with – FINCA  International. Natalie Portman is the spokesperson for this organization that  provides small micro finance loans to impoverished women to start their own  businesses all across the world.

This UCP event was also attended by other  VIP guests such as Javier Gomez, Tim Morehouse, Rachael Kun, Camilla Barungi, Aryn Cole, Josh Folan, Max Rhyser, Sean  Biloski and Lauren LoGiudice.

This event is the beginning of a fantastic  journey for Flint, and she looks forward to working with the organization more  in the future. She is a true ambassador for the cause and a gracious host.  Tune in for exclusive interviews which can be  viewed at www.rbrw.org

Flint’s message for the evening was  this:

“Open your eyes and really  put yourself in someone else’s shoes. There is so much that you take for  granted in your day to day life.  So start there.” ~ Jill  Flint


Photos from the event can be viewed on Facebook.com/RBRW.org

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Strengthen Our Sisters Domestic Violence Shelter Needs to Raise $100,000

2 Feb

We received this letter from one of our supporters. If there is anyway that you can help please do. Please visit www.sosdv.org to contribute.

Strengthen Our Sisters, Inc

Breaking the Cycle

of Domestic Violence

Hewitt, New Jersey 07421


February 1, 2011

Dear Supporter:

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Sandra Ramos and I am the founder of the first shelter for battered/homeless women and children in North America. The shelter started in my home in 1970 in which I shared with my three children. I am presently the Founder and Executive Director of Strengthen our Sisters in Passaic County. We are a 177 bed, nonprofit shelter organization providing housing and supportive services to battered/homeless women and children.

Strengthen Our Sisters is hopeful that your generosity will be contagious. Strengthen Our Sisters is currently in the process of purchasing the old Victorian home directly next door to the animal shelter project.  The reason I am contacting you is that many of our women and children escaping violence are in need of a safe home but, are unable to bring their pets with them to the shelter. Currently there are no shelters in the state of New Jersey that allows pets to live in a domestic violence/homeless shelter environment. Many of the families we serve are so in love with their animals that they remain in dangerous situations because they do not want to leave their pet behind. Others worry that their abuser will retaliate and harm the family pet once leaving the home which unfortunately is a common occurrence.

We have come up with a solution. As I stated above, we have recently been given the opportunity to purchase the older Victorian home directly next door to the animal shelter project in Wanaque, New Jersey. The owners of the animal shelter project are more than willing to help us in our mission to provide housing and care for the pets of families escaping domestic violence. We are in desperate need to raise $100,000 for the down payment in order to close on the sale of this home.  With some financial help we can secure a safe place not only for our families, but have a refuge available for their pet’s right next door.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Also, if you could direct this email to any sponsors willing to aide us in this project it would be greatly appreciated. Please visit www.sosdv.org to contribute.

Thank you.

In struggle for a just society,
I remain,

Sandra Ramos
Founder and Executive Director

World Peace Begins At Home

Real Beauty – Real Women

4 Jan

Changing Lives –  Red Carpet Media Events –  Celebrity Interviews – Behind the Scenes – Fashion Shows – Charity Events – Music Videos – -How To Videos – Makeovers



  • Real Beauty Real Women.com is a content rich website created for the socially conscious fashionista,” bridging the gap between those fashion forward visitors who love the glamour and excitement of the fashion world, and those who want to become more socially active.
  • “RBRW’s exciting and varied content promotes awareness of pressing social issues faced by millions of women and children in this country, with special emphasis on the of plight domestic violence victims. Their mission is to help them to “Break the Cycle” by pointing to a ‘way out’ through a place of safety, education, career help, counseling, practical fashion and grooming tools.  By building self-esteem, self-discipline, and social skills, Real Women everywhere can make the most of themselves, no matter what the obstacles are.
  • Real Beauty Real Women.com is getting a great response from sponsors as well as celebrities, models, designers, and beauty stylists, who want a chance to “give back” by appearing on the show and volunteering their help in turning lives around. Many have lived through, or witnessed the ravages of domestic violence and have broken the cycle themselves. Now they want to inspire others to do so.
  • Founded July 20, 2010, RealBeautyRealWomen.com is the creation of film maker and human activist, Jacquelyn Aluotto, CEO of Pick It Up Pictures and recipient of the prestigious 2010 BOSS Award as a Network Influencer”. The BOSS Network is listed one of Forbes’ 10 Best Career Sites for Women.


  • On one hand, RBRW provides exclusive looks into to the world of glamorous celebrities through in-depth interviews, live event coverage and exclusive backstage footage. Viewers and members are provided with instant exclusive Tweets, social media postings, online photos and instant on-line Red Carpet interviews.  Many of the celebrities, models, stylists and beauty artists are unsung heroes in their efforts to help those less fortunate. They are given a platform to promote their favorite causes and to promote their latest endeavors.
  • Then the team goes into the actual shelters to volunteer in many ways and to help inspire the residents, whose lives have been torn apart. They become the voice of these “voiceless victims.”  This is quite a feat because it is very difficult, almost impossible, for outsiders to build up the trust to be able to enter these hidden safe houses.  The whereabouts of the residents must be kept secret, as their well-being and very lives are in jeopardy.
  • With never before seen footage, this heartrending chronicle tells the touching stories of battered women and children in America, seeking refuge at underground shelters, so named because their location is hidden from the public to keep abusers at bay. The problems of battering and abuse cross all socio economic lines and comprise all races and creeds.
  • “We are the real deal and that is why the media and the press are amazed by this,” Jacquelyn declares.  “I spent seven years in shelters filming and interviewing Real Women and I will continue to do so for the rest of my life. Shelters break the Cycle of Violence.”
  • “Humanity is the most important thing in this world. We all need to start living that way of life,” Ms. Aluotto says, “I have obligations. I have made promises.  I help people who have no voices and are living in fear. Everyone told me it was impossible to film in underground shelters. I did. They also say it is impossible to change the world. It’s not.”
  • Through Real Beauty Real Women we see people helping people and changing lives every day”


Real Beauty Real Women and Celebrities Join Cause to Create Change

3 Nov

Posted  by Jacqui Phillips

On Sunday July 18, 2010 I had the honor and privilege of being part of a wonderful charitable event “World Peace Begins At Home”.   Many of my friends and clients attended and donated to this wonderful cause to save the voiceless victims of domestic violence and give them a voice!  I want to personally thank Strengthen Our Sisters, Celebrity Hairstylist Eric Alt and his team, Christy Chang from Healthy Tans, Hello Gorgeous Salon beautiful ladies, Alexa Prisco and her Glam Fairies, Olympic hopeful Toni Geiger,  ESPN host and the lovely Ashlee Ray, Sandra from Solo Dove PR, Pasquale Destro Management, Mary Brooks for Deploy America, Jacquelyne Joyah, Laura Koski from Doll Cosmetics, Danielle, Christine, and Jillian Staub, Lori Michaels,  The Style Network, Vuivision, and Jacquelyn and Rick Aluotto for donating their time and precious energy and talent to make this event happen.   If it was not for Jacquelyn Aluotto and the rest of these beautiful souls this event would never have happened.

This day was very special to me because our show Real Beauty Real Women is not only about beauty, celebrity, etc… but it is really about how do these women and men that we feature on the show feel about social issues.  Are they socially conscious?  What do they put their heart into for humanity? Doing this show has been so exciting to see the different dimensions of people.  Being a part of such a wonderful event where everyone pulled together as one to help create change for the better of humanity.

During this journey of being part of this event gives me a lot of gratitude because I realize I have been very lucky because I have such a loving and supportive family, a loving boyfriend, and loving friends.  It is so scary and upsetting to see how these women are just like you and me and yet the ones they loved turned violent and in many cases murderous.  It is hard to wrap your mind around because this has been such a taboo topic, hence why these people are voiceless victims, (until they meet Sandra Ramos that is at Strengthen Your Sisters).  I have had the privilege to hear their stories and why we must fight for these people and children is because of too many reasons to list.

Why is it OK for someone to harm you physically and emotionally, which in turn is a scar for life and they “the batterers “end up with everything and you have to leave everything you have and know?  Why are there not better laws to protect?  Why does everything get so disillusioned and sometimes corrupt when it comes to these cases?  We must fight hard for these people and children.  You may wonder why I keep saying people and not women, but men are victims as well we just don’t hear about it as much.  These people are teachers, nurses, mothers, sisters, daughters, sons, professors from all walks of life.  This is not a crime that chooses it happens to all walks of life.  So the next time you hear about someone in need of help.  Help them.  It can be as simple as going through your closet, giving $5 for food, giving some beauty supplies to a shelter you never have used.  Remember these people have given up everything for life!  So help them continue theirs.

Our local charity here is Strengthen Our Sisters founded by the Angel of Earth Sandra Ramos.  If you would like to educate yourself on this cause please watch the award-winning documentary that will change your life and outlook “Not In My Backyard” by Jacquelyn Aluotto.

Please stay tuned on Real Beauty Real Women for more exciting events to take place.

Love and Blessings,

Jacqui Phillips
Make-up Artist
Jacqui Phillips Cosmetics


8 Aug

I am Jacquelyn Aluotto and this is what I have to say:


WORLD PEACE BEGINS AT HOME is an event that took place in NJ to help save STRENGTHEN OUR SISTERS domestic violence shelter. I created this event because I feel that there is so much happening in America and whether our government can’t assist or will not assist we need to help each other.   This event was so refreshing to me. Everyone donated their time including REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NJ Danielle Staub who gave a compelling speech as a survivor of abuse,  Her daughter Christine showed the women how to walk in the fashion show, and her other daughter Jillian attented, Singer Lori Micheals also attented,  STYLE NETWORK  JERSEYLICIOUS star Alexa Prisco and The REAL BEAUTY REAL WOMEN (RBRW) team celebrity stylist Jacqui Phillips, Jacquelyne’Joya and Eric Alt made over 40 battered women from the shelter so that they could look and feel beautiful. They got a complete head to toe make over and Jacquelyne,Joya Inc also donated all the dresses for the fashion show. We wanted the women to be able to keep their dresses and accessories. They loved being in the fashion Show and all look so radiant. The women strutted their stuff. RBRW and my personal Publicist and right hand Sandra from Solo Dove Public Relations donated her time. Ashlee Ray from ESPN donated her time and co-hosted the event with me. My friends and family all helped so much for 2 months to pull this event together. I was inspired to see everyone working so hard for such an important cause. We raised since July 18th the day of the event over $11,ooo. Please we still have $450,oo0 to go. Strengthen Our Sisters has 8 houses where battered women and their children seek refuge for a safe Haven. Every 6 hours a woman is murdered in this country by her spouse. 50 percent of  homeless people are women and children fleeing from abuse in their homes. Every 9 seconds a women in America is being beaten. This is an epidemic now. Teenagers are getting abused in  their High School. The statistics say 1 in 4 high school girls are being abused. Strengthen Our Sisters breaks the cycle of violence, poverty, abuse, ignorance and homeless. This is a movement I am proud to be apart of and hope everyone else will be inspired also. If we do not start learning to heal and help each other the human race will become extinct. We are producing a WORLD PEACE BEGINS AT HOME SERIES to show people how to create an event in your state and your community  to help SAVE  your CAUSE. We are all passionate about different cause in our back yard. I want to know what yours is and I want to help you make a difference in the world. You can watch my documentary NOT IN MY BACK YARD. I spent 7 years in battered women and children shelters to show how they live and make people aware of what is happening in our yards. We also have a Not In My Back Yard Series showing people not only what is happening in America but how we can solve these social issues. 100 percent of the profits go to victims, and the organization that help save lives and break the cycle. To learn more about Strengthen Our Sister or to donate go to   strengthenoursisters.org

Below are some pictures of the event! Hope you enjoy them!

Star of the hit Style Network And E! Jerseylicious Alexa Prisco and Jacquelyn Aluotto speaking at the event.