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9 Jan

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“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Jacquelyn Aluotto and RBRW Host George Ortiz.

Jacquelyn Aluotto was honored as a Network Influencer by The Boss Network, one of the 10 Best career websites for women according to Forbes magazine. Jacquelyn Aluotto is recognized throughout the United States as a powerful human activist, a filmmaker, and an expert on social issues in America. She has spoken on behalf of victims to congressional representatives and judges. She has appeared at political events, rallies, and on radio and television. In telling her moving stories with passion, grit, and humanity, she has captured the hearts of real women and girls of several generations.


As host of RealBeautyRealWomen, George Ortiz excels in many ways.  His astounding good looks, impeccable sense of style, and sincere passion for the victims, make him a real magnet for the eyes and ears of men and women alike. He has also participated in numerous fundraisers and personally visited shelters, volunteering his time to help in any way he can.  He not only works in front of the camera but also is involved in creating celebrity fashion events, many of which are covered by RealBeautyRealWomen and is the official Spokesperson for the documentary ‘Not In My Backyard.’

by Linda Morand
Photos by Desmond O’Toole

Linda Morand Hair and makeup by David Frank Ray - Beauty Artists Star Awards.

Fall and Winter of 2010 was a whirlwind  for RBRW and me personally.   I have noticed that so many of the former and current top models, celebrities, pop stars and jet setters want to give back.  They want to use whatever sphere of influence they have, large or small, to help people less fortunate than themselves.  They are lending an ear to the cries of distress in the world around them. The cult of celebrity has a good side.  If each of these renowned, or even notorious, people can influence just a few people to do something to help, give money, toys, donate time or just show up and talk, who knows how many people they can inspire? The only way for Evil to triumph is if Good people do nothing. This spirit is moving across the country as people realize what a mess we have made of society. It goes across religious, racial and political lines and socio-economic levels.

My relationship with RBRW began when I was contacted by model Maria MacDonald who had started a project called Cover Girls for Change, a NY Models Reunion & Red Carpet Charity Event. I am very active in the background of the modeling industry as an archivist, historian, commentator and executive producer, so Maria invited me to volunteer my time and help with the guest list.  Then she asked me to participate in a fashion show to benefit the Redlight Children Campaign, a grass roots organization started by Guy Jacobsen.

The REDLIGHT CHILDREN Campaign is the latest phase of a journey that began in 2002 with New York Lawyer Guy Jacobson. While traveling in Phnom Penh, Jacobson encountered a barrage of young girls, some just 5-years old, aggressively soliciting prostitution. The horror was not lost on him. Shortly thereafter, he began gathering a passionate group of advocates determined to protect young children in danger of becoming part of the global sex trade.

I had heard of REDLIGHT CHILDREN and was very supportive of their efforts. Although I have been long retired from modeling, preferring to work behind the scenes in a production capacity, I do participate in special events from time to time. I was thrilled to work with legendary models like Pat Cleveland and Alva Chin and other top models who had also donated their time for this very worthy cause.

Jacquelyn Aluotto: "The average homeless child in America is nine years old, and over four women are murdered each and everyday due to domestic violence. Fifty percent of all homeless people are children and women, most fleeing abuse and trying to start a new life.You have to ask yourself what is happening to this country, and this is exactly what I did in my film. I posed this question in different ways through statistics, raw footage, interviews, archival footage, and taped statements. There is an epidemic that has been brewing in this country for years and it affects people we all know daily. I have seen this epidemic with my own eyes and through the lens of my camera for six years. For those six years I created different relationships with many different victims, social workers, directors, advocates, lawyers, judges, and caring individuals who are all involved personally or professionally in the cause for domestic violence. I feel honored to have met and befriended many of these individuals and I know their stories will really touch everyone who views the documentary. My hope is this film will inspire others and make people aware of what is going on around them. I want people to be shocked into action by what they see, I want them to question the laws and decisions created by our government and our society. I want them to stand up and do something about this huge problem that is affecting millions of people. I want people to care. This is why I created this film. We as a society and government ignore what is going on in our own backyards. The film is getting a great response. I have obligations. I gave people my word that have no voices and are living in fear, that I would help them. Everyone told me it was impossible to film in underground shelters. I did. They also say it’s impossible to change the world. It’s not. I see people helping people and changing lives every day."


Award winning filmmaker, Jacquelyn Aluotto contacted me at the same time to inquire whether her crew from Real Beauty Real Women could cover the event, taking photos and videos and videos of models and celebrities with her state of the art equipment.  Cover Girls for Change was delighted and Ms. Aluotto, whose idea it was to mix glamour, and social consciousness,  in a web based reality series, interviewed all the models and attending celebrities on camera.

Jay Alexander of "America's Next Top Model" talking with Jacquelyn Aluotto at the "Cover Girls for Change" Event. He was almost in tears at the plight of the women and children fleeing from rampant domestic violence and abuse.

On one hand, RBRW provides exclusive looks into to the world of glamorous celebrities through in-depth interviews, live event coverage and exclusive backstage footage. Viewers and members are provided with instant exclusive Tweets, social media postings, online photos and instant on-line Red Carpet interviews.  Many of the celebrities, models, stylists and beauty artists are unsung heroes in their efforts to help those less fortunate. They are given a platform to promote their favorite causes and to promote their latest endeavors.

Then the team goes into the actual shelters to volunteer in many ways and to help inspire the residents, whose lives have been torn apart. They become the voice of these “voiceless victims.”  This is quite a feat because it is very difficult, almost impossible, for outsiders to build up the trust to be able to enter these hidden safe houses.  The whereabouts of the residents must be kept secret, as their well-being and very lives are in jeopardy.

RBRW displays the poignant, award-winning documentaryNot in My Backyard.” The entire film can be viewed currently on http://www.RealBeautyRealWomen.com/ and is soon to premiere in New York City at a star studded Red Carpet Event.


I met the beautiful, dynamic and driven, Ms. Aluotto, in person at the glamorous event held in a New York City venue.  I watched her in action as she shot some backstage business and interviewed the attending celebrities, including  Jay Alexander of  America’s Next Top Model, one of my favorite celebs. She also interviewed Reggie Wells, the personal friend and long time and celebrity  make-up artist of Oprah Winfrey, who voiced his support of this cause.  The Legendary Vogue Hair Stylist, Harry King was interviewed, as were the celebrity models.

Standing on the sidelines,  and then when I was being interviewed, I was impressed by Ms. Aluotto’s sincerity, strength of character, energy and dedication to helping women and children.  She had the ability to tell the story concisely in a very compelling way.  No one walked away unimpressed with Ms. Aluotto, and her mission.

“So the next time you hear about someone in need of help… help them,” Jacquelyn Aluotto says.  “It can be as simple as going through your closet, giving $5 for food, giving some beauty supplies to a shelter .  Remember many people have given up everything to escape abuse and save their lives and the lives of their children.”

I was given a copy the DVD, “Not In My Backyard”.  I took it home and watched it. The very moving documentary provided a firsthand view of the perilous lives of the victims of domestic violence.  The poignant film changed my life as I learned the staggering statistics on the numbers of women and children, fleeing abuse or stuck in violent situations.  Jacquelyn had spent seven years traveling around the US and interviewing women and children in underground shelters. Her Award Winning video  can be seen FREE online here on this website. Click here: “NOT IN MY BACKYARD.” RBRW WEBSITE

I read more about Ms. Aluotto’s fledgling RealBeautyRealWomen.com, a website for  “the Socially Conscious Fashionista.”  Real Beauty Real Women is about physical beauty and celebrity, but it truly  asks how these women and men feel about social issues.  Are they socially conscious?  Do they have a heart  for humanity? These interviews and sound bites give the celebrity a platform to reach the world, giving voice to voiceless victims, whether they are human or animal.

As a director and role model, Jacquelyn continues to motivate me and the rest of the evolving team.   She does not just show up for the events, but she does physical labor and drives often to the shelters to distribute clothes, toys and other necessities and goodies she can muster up.  She is a tireless crusader and has garnered a tremendous amount of support and goodwill from real women and men everywhere.

Many people, including noted celebrities, continued to contact Jacquelyn Aluotto about appearing on the show and helping with the cause, or wanting her film crew to cover their  charitable event or wanting Jacquelyn for an interview.  At every event she gave away some of her DVDs and directed everybody to the website where the entire film can be viewed online free.

I was delighted to be asked to join her show as a guest-host/writer/networker and interviewer.  Plans were made to shoot a pilot for a TV Show in January. I introduced Ms. Aluotto to noted Creative Consultant, David Frank Ray, Director of The Beauty Artists Star Awards and Founder of ‘The Beauty Artists Hall of Fame. We began to attend exciting meetings in mid-town Manhattan.  David Frank Ray, introduced the RBRW team some celebrity make-up artists, hair stylists and fashion stylists who are all concerned about the problems of domestic violence, and eager to participate in the makeover specials on the RBRW Show.

One of these was the Superstar Dynamo George Ortiz, of Project Runway. George was immediately struck by the cause and became a very passionate advocate, his own life having been touched by domestic violence.  He introduced many more interesting and helpful people to RealBeautyRealWomen and constantly raises awareness of the show, the documentary and its mission.

‘Shore’ style? Not at Jersey Fashion Week  Emerging designers strive to reclaim Garden State’s reputation.

“Snooki may have given us the pouf, and Bravo’s “Housewives” might have reintroduced booty shorts, but that’s not how Jersey fashionistas want their Garden State represented. Members of New Jersey’s fashion industry have seized upon their desire to redefine themselves on their own terms: This fall ushered in the first-ever New Jersey Fashion Week (or “NJFW,” as it’s called by insiders). Organizers hosted an event on Monday and Tuesday that was not meant to be about New Jersey, but rather, hosted by New Jersey. Thankfully, though, NJFW managed to ditch the kitsch while retaining the state’s trademark flash — and no one was disappointed.”

Above quote by Merisa Fink TODAYshow.com contributor 

Ms. Aluotto is legendary in New Jersey, her home state.  David Frank Ray, George Ortiz and I were asked to volunteer our time  help co-host the RealBeautyRealWomen show at the First Annual New Jersey Fashion Week. We had so much fun at the event, which was held in a beautiful venue. Pleasantdale Château, once the private home of industrial magnate C.W. Nichols, hosts elegant  meetings, photo shoots, celebrity events and weddings.

Pleasantdale Château is now the most exclusive, private and sought-after venue for private social events and corporate meetings in the tri-state area.


We joined Jacquelyn and each interviewed  TV stars, sports figures, actors, moguls and models.  There was great food, flowing champagne, beautiful girls, handsome men, pretty clothes, perfume, flowers and everything. I had never really interviewed anyone on the Red Carpet before, but it was not hard and I took to it right away. It was quite heady. I do prefer a longer, in depth interview, for which I have more. experience and am scheduled to conduct a few early this year, but meeting  so many people up close who were dressed beautifully, with lovely hair and make-up is fun, too. Especially if I can ask them about how they are helping or would like to help.  So many generous hearts are out there.  It just takes a little bit from everyone.  It all adds up. The first night I wore a long velvet sheath dress by Adrian Alicia and on the second evening I wore a beautiful gown by Michael Kaye.

Linda Morand wearing a beaded designer gown by Michael Kaye.


RBRW interviewed and photographed Caroline Manzo, Dina Manzo and Lauren Manzo from The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Tracy Dim Arco, Anna Demidova from Dancing with the Stars, and Toni Geiger the number 1 ranked Team USA Judo fighter and Olympic Gold Medal hopeful  as well as new young hip-hop artist Giorgio GIGG Scalone. The stars of the hit show Jerseylicious were there taping the reality show for the Style Network. Alexa Prisco, star of Jerseylicious and the owner of  The Glam Fairy, helped create the  beautiful makeup for the fabulous runway show.

The “Women in Entertainment Empowerment Network” Celebrate the Second Annual Ween Awards Gala in NYC

Jacquelyn and her team attended this event and interviewed the following celebs. Sponsored by Anheuser-Busch, Inc. the 2010 WEEN Awards gala recipients included Hydeia Broadbent, International HIV/AIDS activist; Nia Long, actor and philanthropist; LeToya Luckett, Grammy award-winning R&B singer; Angie Martinez, multi-media personality; Soledad O’Brien, CNN anchor and special correspondent; and Esther Silver-Parker, President and CEO of The SilverParker Group. Presenters include Estelle, singer/songwriter; Gayle King, television host and editor-at-large for O, The Oprah Magazine; Egypt, television and radio personality; Alesha Renee, television correspondent; Mashonda, singer/songwriter; Kandi Burruss, singer/songwriter; and Geraldine Moriba, CNN executive producer.  The evening’s entertainment includes Bilal, Plug Research Music recording artist; Lyle Jennings, Warner Brothers/Asylum Records recording artist and DJ’s; DJ Kiss and DJ Aasha Adore.

Halloween Fundraiser to Benefit   “Save Our Sisters”

Rising star Jeff Moffitt, New Jersey Housewife, Danielle Staub, George Ortiz and Jacquelyn holding the DVD 'Not In My Backyard" at the Eric Alt Halloween Party.

The next glamorous event that I was invited to attend with RealBeautyRealWomen., was the crazy Halloween Party at the Eric Alt Salon in Ridgewood, New Jersey. All the New Jersey Celebs were there.  Even the mayor and the Chief of Police showed up to say hello. I was dressed as Cruella de Vil. We had fun hamming it up in character, glad to be able to raise awareness for the voiceless victims who need us.

The event raised a lot of money to help shelter refugees from abuse and violence.  It all comes back to that.  This is a problem that is not going to go away by itself.  If we do nothing these abused children could grow up to be abusers themselves., and have miserable,  unproductive lives.  We can have fun, but we cannot forget the plight of our fellow man or animals or whatever we  are moved to do to help, big or small.  You cannot do everything.  But don’t be overwhelmed by the enormity of the problem.  If each person only helped one person that would make it all much better.

Lingerie New York – At Cipriani 42nd Street, the Seven Bar Foundation gathered 500 guests for its first New York Lingerie Fashion Show to raise funds in the name of microfinance.

The philanthropic organization, headed by director Renate Mutis Black and sheriff Kim Hoedeman, is designed to give underprivileged women loans to spearhead their own businesses, and last year launched a series of undergarment-focused shows as a way to build awareness and collect donations. After visiting Miami in February 2009, the foundation headed to New York for its second event, and plans to host others in Los Angeles and 15 other cities in the coming years.

After a lovely cocktail hour, we were for dinner and the night's program began with an introduction to the nonprofit and its mission by Black, Hoedeman, and host Sofia Vergara, as well as a video message from co-chair Deepak Chopra about the importance of empowering women. The parade of ladies' intimates followed, showcasing Parisian couturier Carine Gilson's silky underthings and Atsuko Kudo's latex wares on more than 40 models, including Elsa Benitez, Crystal Renn, and Liya Kebede. The aerial performers also wore panties, albeit under skin-colored bodysuits, launching the foundation's Y collection of underwear with energetic acrobatics on strips of silk suspended from the ceiling.


Like Miami’s show, the New York affair included a dinner, runway presentation, and live and silent auction, adding an elevated catwalk and round tables of 10 to the former bank’s main ballroom. To spice up the night, co-chair Veronica Webb (who hosted the Miami event), hit the runway in a corset illuminated with embedded LED lights.

Aerialists from ImaginAerial performed on silk ropes to launch the foundation's new Y panty.


I attended as a guest of Mr. David Frank Ray, who has a very popular Beauty Industry blog called Make-Up Beat and he and a guest were invited to honor that.

George Ortiz was running the entire hair team back stage, and was a wonder to see in action, as he supervised the creation of dozens of fantastic hairstyles, just as he does for so many glamorous events. He personally attended Supermodel Veronica Webb looking totally glam in black leather.

Russel Simmons was interviewed. He is very supportive of RBRW


The fashion show was excellent, all the models were fabulous and the lingerie was exquisite.  It was very tastefully done. George found time to interview some celebrities on the Red Carpet, do some networking, stop by the table for a picture and be interviewed himself, all the while looking quite dashing. George is actively involved with the SevenBar Foundation. Comedian Sherrod Small ran the live auction from the catwalk, with items like a walk-on role in Men in Black III and a fully staffed Ferretti yacht in the Bahamas offered to complement the silent-auction lots displayed earlier in the night. Through ticket sales and the live auction, the event grossed nearly $500,000 for the foundation.

Tim Gunn’s Fashion Forward


Dr. Marjorie Hill , Wendy Williams

Tim Gunn and Gay Men’s Health Crisis (GMHC) hosted their Fashion Forward benefit at Skylight Studios to celebrate the fashion industry’s long standing commitment to both LGBTT issues and the HIV/AIDS epidemic. The evening included a cocktail reception and silent auction, followed by a fantastic runway show featuring the designs of Ports 1961 by Tia Cibani, Charles Nolan, John Varvatos, Tim Hamilton, Michael Bastian, and Betsey Johnson.

Tim Gunn acted as the MC for the night, along with Project Runway’s Jack Mackenroth, whose campaign Living Positive by Design co-sponsored the event. The show attracted a fabulously fun and fashionable crowd, with a guest list including Beverly Johnson, Kristian Laliberte, Malan Breton, Suede Baum, Kevin Covais, Tia Walker, fencing friends Tim Moorehouse and Jason Rogers, and Crystle Stewart, this year’s Miss USA. RBRW was able to interview many of them.

George Ortiz Interviews Tim Gunn of Project Runway.


LuAnn DeLesseps of The New York Housewives Attends Fashion Forward


Another of George’s projects was Designers Against Aids. I was thrilled to be photographed with the legendary model  B. Smith. We clowned around for the camera in designer T-shirts, with a huge logo: DAA, which were falling off us or being pulled off.  It was all in good fun.  The pictures will be used to raise AIDS Awareness, emphasizing Prevention. Once again, Jacquelyn Aluotto was there with her crew.  She specializes in behind the scenes at these glamorous events. She got many interviews from celebrities including models, actors, musicians, designers and young fashionistas, as well as film of the actual photo shoot.  I have not seen the photos yet, but I hear they are great. George was in charge of the Hair and make-up.  Everyone looked and felt beautiful.  George Ortiz was in charge of the hair and make-up.

“Stylist to the Hollywood stars Katharine Polk is a big DAA supporter. Earlier his month she organized a shoot in New York City, with talent from all areas of pop culture wearing their T-shirts!

With this shoot, Polk declares December to be 'World AIDS Month': "Not only World AIDS Day on December 1, but a whole month dedicated to HIV/AIDS awareness and solidarity." We would like to thank her and all the participating stars -Estelle, Carson Kressley, Teyonah Parris, Ksenia Solo, Anna Chlumsky, Brandon Victor Dixon, journalist Jared Eng, top models, Linda Morand, B. Smith and various other top models- for supporting DAA!"


Non-profit organization ‘Beauty Without Irony’ has launched the international project ‘Designers Against AIDS’ (DAA) in 2004 in order to raise AIDS awareness in the international media and towards the general public, more specifically towards young people in the industrialized countries using elements from pop culture (music, fashion, design, arts, sports, film, celebrities, etc). AIDS awareness project Designers Against AIDS -born in Belgium, but active all over the world- wants to reach young people by using their favorite celebrities from the worlds of music, fashion, sports and art to raise their interest and curiosity, making them visit the website http://www.designersagainstaids.com, click on the links to local AIDS organizations and learn more about the disease.

Red Light Children Casino Themed Event A Night of Entertainment

David, George Jacquelyn and I attended A Night of Entertainment featuring World Series of Poker Champion, Tom McEvoy; professional poker player, Beth Shak; actress and host of ABC’s “Good Samaritans” Amy Weber; Project Runway’s Celebrity Hairstylist, George Ortiz; and other surprise celebrity guests for a “Night of Entertainment,” a casino themed charity event sponsored by Caesars Palace on Wednesday, December 15, 2010 at Amnesia NYC.

Its scope is shocking. According to UNICEF, over two million children are involved — from kids around the world who are kidnapped from their families to children victimized on the internet via community sites and chatrooms.

It is your problem. It is our problem. This site is a very small step towards educating people like you and enabling active opposition. And the next step is action.

Creative Consultant David Frank Ray, Producer,Jacquelyn Aluotto, Linda Morand and George Ortiz

Some of the RBRW team joined 4 time World Series of Poker Champion, Tom McEvoy; professional poker player, Beth Shak; actress and host of ABC’s “Good SamaritansAmy Weber; Project Runway’s Celebrity Hairstylist, George Ortiz; and other surprise celebrity guests for a “Night of Entertainment,” a casino themed charity event sponsored by Caesars Palace on Wednesday, December 15, 2010 at Amnesia NYC. We were honored to meet Guy Jacobsen the founder of Red Light Children and many of his friends and supporters.

Guy Jacobson with World-class professional poker player, Beth Shak and World Series Poker Champion Tom McEvoy

The night kicked off with a Red Carpet Cocktail Reception and Open Bar featuring Belvedere Vodka and Magners Original Irish Cider at 6:00 PM followed by a spectacular Casino Night including a Texas Hold’em Poker tournament, mini Blackjack and Roulette tournaments, a silent auction, raffles and more!

Val Tignini of Valsecrets and founder Guy Jacobson

The Redlight Children Campaign was inspired by Guy Jacobson’s personal experiences backpacking in Cambodia in 2002. While traveling in Phnom Penh, a group of young girls, some only five years old, began to aggressively solicit him for prostitution. Although he refused several times, they revealed to him that they would be beaten by the brothel owners if they returned empty-handed. After Jacobson gave them some money and left, he was motivated to create Redlight Children.

Shortly thereafter, Jacobson decided to utilize mass media as a vehicle for social change through his film production company, Priority Films. He teamed up with Israeli actress Adi Ezroni to create the first phase of the Redlight Children Campaign, the K11 Project. They went undercover in Cambodian brothels using espionage equipment and secret cameras to research the plight of child trafficking victims.


Redlight Children Fundraiser, December 15, 2010 Amy Weber is inspiring ordinary people to do extraordinary things in her new show, Good Samaritans. Do people want to help out or are they too busy with their own hectic lives? These questions are asked in the new reality TV series that Amy is hosting and acting as Executive Producer. Every single day children are kidnapped and forced into the global, multi-billion dollar sex industry. Interpol estimates that this trafficking of children and young women is the third largest international criminal activity.

RBRW covers the red carpet: Jerry Rosenbaum and Rebecca Rosenbaum owners and operators of JR Trading Company who were proud to be on of the sponsors for the night Redlight Children

Kelly Killoren Bensimon, no longer the newest Housewife, is known as one of New York City's major Taste Makers. An avid supporter of the charity Feeding America, she also donates her time to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Kelly also adds a new publication to her modeling portfolio – Playboy, with a March cover, spread/interview. She splits her time between New York City and East Hampton.

The night kicked off with a Red Carpet Cocktail Reception and Open Bar featuring Belvedere Vodka and Magners Original Irish Cider at 6:00 PM, followed by a spectacular Casino Night including a Texas Hold’em Poker tournament, mini Blackjack and Roulette tournaments, a silent auction, raffles and more! I got to do an interview of Lou Bifona, tireless activists for the abused children.

George Ortiz and Jacquelyn Aluotto interviewed celebrities and attendees on the Red carpet and then took the camera, mike and lights around the room.  I usually don’t like gambling but in this was for a very good cause and all in fun.

RBRW covered the United Cerbral Palsy of New York City at The Famous Pink Tea Cup.

Model & founder & CEO of Called2Create Sky Sheridan was excited to be on RBRW with our host George Ortiz. He is a big supporter of our and we are also of him.


The Santa Project Holiday Party benefited United Cerebral Palsy of NYC, New York City’s premiere agency for Children and adults living with disabilities. Go to their website and check it out. It is wonderful!  http://ucpnyc.org/

Edward R. Mathews, CEO of United Cerebral of New York City for over 22 years. He is a real power broker in the world of providing services to children and families living with disabilities and he is one of the foremost experts in the field of charities. A lot of families with children who have disabilities lose their homes and their children and families have special needs. Edward help save families and keep them together.

The party was  hosted by and Film & Theatre Director/Producer & Entrepreneur Lawrence Page and to model Camilla Barungi of Project Runway fame with Celebrity guests from Fashion, Film, Television and Broadway.  It was an amazing event for an amazing cause.

Check out the celebrities on BRRW that want to make a difference!

Our friend model Camilla Barungi having a great time on our show RBRW with RBRW star George Ortiz at the event. Camilla helped host the Santa Project Holiday Project benefiting United Cerebral Palsy of New York City.


Project Runway designer Logan Neitzel on RBRW show with George Ortiz at the United Cerebral Palsey event.

A little boy who has Cerebral Palsy getting a toy and having a good time. This is what Christmas and charity is about giving.


World Peace begins at Home July 2010

Jerseylicious Star Alexa Prisco attended the World Peace begins At Home Event, last summer.  Ms. Aluotto organized it. Among many other things, the fun day included makeovers and a fashion show by the residents of an underground shelter. The women received new clothes, haircuts and make-up as well as accessories. The self-esteem that comes from looking your best, coupled with good counseling, job search and educational help is priceless.



October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

25 Sep

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. So of course RBRW will be participating in it own way to combat this epidemic.

We have an event scheduled for Oct. 21 we will be showing the documentary “Not In My Backyard”  more details coming soon. We want all of you who are able to attend. Its going to be great.

Also if you have any events coming up in the NJ and/or NY area that you would like RBRW to attend and cover. Let us know.

Throughout the month we will keep Domestic Violence on the fore front.  As you know with RBRW we are not only committed to fashion, make-up, entertainment but social issues.

We ask that you join us is bring awareness for the month of October and even beyond. You never know who maybe experiencing Domestic Violence be it verbal or physical so also use this time to check your surroundings and speak to friends and families. And if you are a victim we encourage you to get the support that you need.

~Solo Dove~

What’s New at RBRW

25 Sep

Some pretty good things have been happening at RBRW.

We attended and covered the WEEN awards. And Jac even got to interview Gayle King!! For me this was great and I can only imagine how Jac felt.  Gayle was one of the people who Jac really wanted to interview.

We’ve attended numerous shows for New York Fashion Week. We were back and forth between NJ and NY so much very hectic.  The videos are being edited and up soon. We do have pictures up from the events we covered up on Facebook. Just search RealBeautyRealWomen.com in the search box “like” us and check out the pictures.

Fashion Week was great it allowed us to interview some great and creative people. We saw some beautiful shows. Fashion Week was all about exposure. Exposure for use so that we are more well-known and exposure for the people and events that we covered.

The goal of RBRW is always to  bring quality to the reader and viewer and let you know what social issues are going on.  So we will continue to be out and about bringing you the latest.

Happy Flying,

Solo Dove


13 Aug

Hello Everyone Welcome to RBRW Blog.

Sandra of Solo Dove Public Relations

I am Sandra from Solo Dove Public Relations and I am the Publicist for RBRW and Ms Jac Aluotto.

Specializing in Entertainment and Non Profit PR

Since I have joined the team I have worked on the WORLD PEACE BEGINS AT HOME EVENT. Which went well and we raised a good amount money. But we still have more to go. About $400,000 to be extact. From the PR stand point it was important that we get the media aware of what was going on. Introduce them to Jac, the event, the shelter and why it is important to save it. Not only did we have some reality stars there but they were there for a great cause.  Dealing with relatiy starts was certaintly interesting as some of you may have heard the incident about Teresa from RHONJ not wanting to participate unless she was paid. But such is the nature of the business.

For this event post event publicity was just as important as reaching out to press and media before the event. And even know we are getting press regarding the event as well as people wanting to find out more about Jac and the Strengthen Our Sister shelter.

As we work on new ideas for October which is DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AWARENESS MONTH we want to keep the momentum going that you can be a fashionista and be socially conscious.

I just want YOU to be aware that there is alot of behind the scenes work that goes on in putting on an event or setting up and interview, etc we just need your continued support.  Donate, share your ideas, check out the site regularly, tweet about us , stumbleupon, ENJOY RBRW….

(QUICK PLUG) As Jac is a domestic violence expert is available to speak at your function and also to screen her documentary “NOT IN MY BACKYARD”.

I hope that you have enjoyed your visit to the blog and the site. Come back this is a place for you.

~Solo Dove~


8 Aug

I am Jacquelyn Aluotto and this is what I have to say:


WORLD PEACE BEGINS AT HOME is an event that took place in NJ to help save STRENGTHEN OUR SISTERS domestic violence shelter. I created this event because I feel that there is so much happening in America and whether our government can’t assist or will not assist we need to help each other.   This event was so refreshing to me. Everyone donated their time including REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NJ Danielle Staub who gave a compelling speech as a survivor of abuse,  Her daughter Christine showed the women how to walk in the fashion show, and her other daughter Jillian attented, Singer Lori Micheals also attented,  STYLE NETWORK  JERSEYLICIOUS star Alexa Prisco and The REAL BEAUTY REAL WOMEN (RBRW) team celebrity stylist Jacqui Phillips, Jacquelyne’Joya and Eric Alt made over 40 battered women from the shelter so that they could look and feel beautiful. They got a complete head to toe make over and Jacquelyne,Joya Inc also donated all the dresses for the fashion show. We wanted the women to be able to keep their dresses and accessories. They loved being in the fashion Show and all look so radiant. The women strutted their stuff. RBRW and my personal Publicist and right hand Sandra from Solo Dove Public Relations donated her time. Ashlee Ray from ESPN donated her time and co-hosted the event with me. My friends and family all helped so much for 2 months to pull this event together. I was inspired to see everyone working so hard for such an important cause. We raised since July 18th the day of the event over $11,ooo. Please we still have $450,oo0 to go. Strengthen Our Sisters has 8 houses where battered women and their children seek refuge for a safe Haven. Every 6 hours a woman is murdered in this country by her spouse. 50 percent of  homeless people are women and children fleeing from abuse in their homes. Every 9 seconds a women in America is being beaten. This is an epidemic now. Teenagers are getting abused in  their High School. The statistics say 1 in 4 high school girls are being abused. Strengthen Our Sisters breaks the cycle of violence, poverty, abuse, ignorance and homeless. This is a movement I am proud to be apart of and hope everyone else will be inspired also. If we do not start learning to heal and help each other the human race will become extinct. We are producing a WORLD PEACE BEGINS AT HOME SERIES to show people how to create an event in your state and your community  to help SAVE  your CAUSE. We are all passionate about different cause in our back yard. I want to know what yours is and I want to help you make a difference in the world. You can watch my documentary NOT IN MY BACK YARD. I spent 7 years in battered women and children shelters to show how they live and make people aware of what is happening in our yards. We also have a Not In My Back Yard Series showing people not only what is happening in America but how we can solve these social issues. 100 percent of the profits go to victims, and the organization that help save lives and break the cycle. To learn more about Strengthen Our Sister or to donate go to   strengthenoursisters.org

Below are some pictures of the event! Hope you enjoy them!

Star of the hit Style Network And E! Jerseylicious Alexa Prisco and Jacquelyn Aluotto speaking at the event.