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The White House Project’s 2011 EPIC awards

12 Apr


The White House Project’s 2011 EPIC awards were held in the IAC building in New York City on April 7 2011. RBRW had the privilege of attending such a prestigious and inspirational event with access to the Red Carpet, the Awards Ceremony and the After Party.  The EPIC Awards is an event that brings together a diverse cross section of people inclusive of activists, philanthropists, and television and film stars for an occasion that celebrates and honors significant women who have contributed to the development of advancing women’s leadership in all communities and sectors – up to the U.S. presidency through media and popular culture.

Prominent stars in attendance were Anna Sophia Robb from the new movie ‘Soul Surfer’ and Academy Award Winner and White House Project Board member, Geena Davis who began the Awards evening acknowledging the mission of the White House Project: ‘to empower women in leadership’ and embraced new President of the White House Project: Tiffany Dufu. Other supporters of the event included Project runway super model and entrepreneur Carmilla Barungi; Loreen Arbus, producer, philanthropist and activist –who was also the first woman to head up programming for a TV Network in the U.S.; and Gloria Steinem, feminist author and activist.

Dufu made her mark as new President in a speech where she made it quite clear that her “life work is to advance women and girls.” She also presented former White House Project President and Founder Marie C. Wilson with an award honoring her legacy in contributing to the progression of empowerment, gender equality and leadership for countless women across America.  Wilson accepted her award graciously and with humility thanking her family for their support in her efforts to establish and grow such an amazing organization. She also expressed her excitement and faith in new President Tiffany Dufu and her vision to further the work of the White House Project.

The EPIC awards also acknowledged the talents and positive influences of male directors and producers of films highlighting the efforts of significant girls and women who have contributed both nationally and internationally in their roles of leadership. These included: Duane Baughman, Director and Producer of the acclaimed film Bhutto; Doug Liman, acclaimed Film Director of the movie Fair Game and Executive Producer of Covert Affairs; Ben Houser, Senior Producer, ESPN’s E:60 and The Chelsea Baker Story — A League of Her Own and Chelsea Baker, Plant City Little League; and Dee Rees, Writer and Producer, Pariah.

Those in attendance were privy to inspirational speeches from a variety of women ranging from young teens such as singer and musician Gabi Wilson and Chelsea Baker to women such as Lisa Cortes, Executive Producer of the movie Precious and hit series Covert Affairs star Kari Matchett who also hosted the After Party.

The talented Gabi Wilson accepted Barbie’s ‘I Can Be’ Award and had the audience spellbound as she concluded the evening with her rendition of Beyonce’s ‘If I were a Boy’ in honor of Marie C. Wilson.

For more information about the White House Project and the EPIC Awards visit their website at www.whitehouseproject.org and stay tuned towww.rbrw.org where RBRW television will give you a detailed account and coverage of this inspirational event.



{Exclusive} An Intimate interview with Marie Wilson, former President & Founder of The White House Project and new President Tiffany Dufu

2 Apr

After 13 years, the reins have been handed over at the White House
Project and Tiffany Dufu could not be more perfect for the position.
Marie Wilson, former President and Founder of The White House Project
and new President Tiffany Dufu sat down with RBRW’s Jacquelyn Aluotto
for an exclusive interview covering important issues from the very
beginnings of what is a most extraordinary organization, the change
over in leadership and the
future direction of the White House Project.


Jacquelyn speaking with Marie and Tiffany



Dufu and Wilson really have a special union. This is evident in their
interaction with each other. Meeting through a mutual friend who was
mentor to Dufu and one of Wilson’s oldest friends – Wilson knew that
she wanted Dufu on board right away and admitted to worrying about
losing such talent: ‘when your friends send you somebody it is usually
someone who you’re going to like…I was completely awed right away’.



Current White House Project President Tiffany Dufu

Whenever Dufu is asked the question; ‘How did Marie find you?’ Her
response is simple: “Marie Wilson had her eyes open… Marie has a gift
to see beyond [physical attributes] and see you as a viable leader. She can see your
skills and your qualities before you see them yourself.” Dufu has no
qualms in speaking about Wilson with admiration for her integrity,
honor and vision, although the feelings appear to be mutual.  Wilson
added, “This is the heart of what this organization is all about – to
see people. When somebody sees you – you think better.”


The White House Project is an organization that essentially enhances
public perception of leadership in the areas of politics and business.
It has changed how women’s leadership in America is talked about by thinking
outside the box and using popular culture, media and research to reach
countless Americans all across the country. 


RBRW will be covering the White House Projects  9th Annual  EPIC Awards – April 7th in New  York  which honors Outstanding Efforts to Promote Images of Powerful Women in Pop Culture.

At this event Marie Wilson’s legacy will be honored.

Stay tuned and view our exclusive interview with Founder and former
President Marie Wilson and new President Tiffany Dufu.





written by Francis Bobongie


The White House Project:

The White House Project is a non-profit organization which aims to advance women’s leadership in all communities and sectors—up to the U.S. presidency—by filling the leadership pipeline with a richly diverse, critical mass of women.

For more information about the White House Project visit
their website at www.thewhitehouseproject.org


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