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Not In My Backyard Project PSA Announcement

25 Jun

From Jacquelyn Aluotto CEO/Founder of RBRW



The NIMBY Project is an inspiration from the documentary “Not In My Backyard.” The documentary takes viewers into battered women and children shelters across America. Throughout the voyage, you see the reality of these women, teens, and children who seek survival in a country that ignores this epidemic. This is the first time cameras were allowed in the shelters, let alone the underground shelters. Producer and Human Activist Jacquelyn Aluotto produces the documentary not only to expose the truth but to give a 100 percent of the proceeds to save these shelters. The movement is headstrong with Celebrities, Activists, Communities, and Artists across the nation. Famous Actor Luis Guzman is a spokesperson for the “Not In My Backyard” documentary. The NIMBY Project is also features a TV show and movement to make-over shelters. In June, we are shooting the PSA for the documentary. We invite you to become involved in making a difference in the world! Help stop poverty, abuse, and homelessness. Help educate and heal those that suffer in our own backyard.

50 percent of homeless people are women and children fleeing abuse.

23-40 percent of the homeless are veterans.

1.6 million children in America are without a home.

Please join our movement and show that we are making a difference.  Break the cycle of violence and poverty. Educate, build, and inspire through the arts.

The PSA will consist of reading from a script that we will send to you prior to the PSA date. We also will have cue cards ready. The script consists of the following:

–The NIMBY Project, the “Not In My Backyard” Project inspired by the documentary.

–Why people should join this movement? –

People in our own “backyards” are homeless and suffering.

–Statistics: –––>1.6 million children are homeless in America. –––>Every 2 minutes a child becomes homeless in our “backyards.”

–––>50% of the homeless are women and children fleeing abuse.

They are the largest group of the homeless, and growing. –––>23-40% of homeless people are veterans.

Through this TV pilot, the NIMBY documentary, our “NIMBY: Save Shelters!” SmartPhone App, we can help save all these people by supporting the shelters helping them to heal and provide them safe havens to empower victims into survivors, and giving the voiceless a voice. Our Arts, healing, and education programs at shelters can help break this cycle of violence and homelessness. This is not just any show, but a movement we all can become involved in.

Help us save shelters and provide to the victims and the homeless. Help us rebuild humanity. You can be a mentor, a builder, an artist, a teacher. Anyone.

Go to and find out how to join.

World Peace Begins At Home!

World Peace Begins At Home,

Jacquelyn Aluotto CEO/Founder of RBRW RBRW

Break The Cycle P.O. Box 71 Edgewater, NJ 07020


Special Exhibition & Party for Acclaimed Photographer JAVIER GOMEZ | Benefits “Strengthen Our Sisters” and RBRW.Org

3 Jun



Special Exhibition & Party for Acclaimed Photographer JAVIER GOMEZ

Hosted by LAUREN LOGIUDICE, star of the new film When Harry Wants to Marry.

The event benefits “Strengthen Our Sisters” and RBRW.Org.





  • LANCE BASS – Superstar Singer/Actor/Best Selling-Author.
  • CAMILLA BARUNGI – Project Runway Supermodel/Entrepreneur/Activist.
  • SEAN BILOSKI  – Hit IFC series Food Party & Star of the upcoming film Hall of Mirrors.
  • AYRN COLE –  All My Children & star of the upcoming film Lorenzo & Monica.
  • KAFI DREXEL, Reporter, NY1 News Television
  • WENDY DIAMOND – Television Personality, President, Animal Fair
  • DEBRA DUNEIER – Best Selling Author, Founder & President of Living Home By Debra.
  • LUIS GUZMAN, – Co-Star of the film Arthur.
  • ED MARTIN – Film & Television Producer.
  • MIKE WOODS – Meteorologist & Reporter, Fox 5’s Good Day New York.
  • JOSH FOLAN – All My Children & Star of the upcoming film All God’s Creatures.
  • JAVIER GOMEZ – Noted photographer, Colin Cowie Lifestyle.
  • JACQUELYN ALUOTTO, Founder/President, RBRW.Org & CEO Pick It Up Pictures.
  • LIZA GROSSExecutive Director, International Women’s Media Foundation.
  • PATRICK HAZLEWOOD – Supermodel & Entrepreneur.
  • RACHAEL KUN – 60 Minutes.
  • LAUREN LOGIUDICE – Star of the new film When Harry Wants To Marry.
  • JONATHAN D. LOVITZ, – Host, MTV/Logo’s new hit series Set Up Squad.
  • DEBI JOFFEE – Broadway Actress & Comedienne.
  • ANNMARIA MAZZINI – Star of The Paul Taylor Dance Company.

TIMOTHY MANDALA – Star of the new Vin Diesel Series The Ropes.

TIM MOREHOUSE- Olympic Fencing Champion.

  • MAX RHYSER – Star of two new films Requited and The Lair.
  • ROB SEDGWICK – Damages.
  • HUNT SLONEM – Famed Artist.
  • LOGAN SMALLEY – Director the Oscar Short-listed Documentary Darius Goes West.
  • JUDGE EDWIN TORRES, Carlito’s Way.
  • MARIE WILSON – Founding President, The White House Project.


WHEN: Tuesday, June 7 from 7:00 p.m – 10:00 p.m.


WHERE: Showbiz Store & Café at 19 West 21st Street (Between 5th & 6th Avenues)



About Stregthen Our Sisters:

Strengthen Our Sisters is a grassroots, community based, nonprofit, 155 bed shelter program serving homeless/battered women and children. The mission of Strengthen Our Sisters is dedicated to breaking the cycle of domestic violence, poverty, and abuse by restoring balance and harmony through individual empowerment.


About RBRW.Org:

RBRW.Org was created for the socially conscious fashionista. A site where you will not only get your fashion and entertainment updates but learn about the social issues happening across the States.  


 For press information, contact Matt Flynn or David Tomassi at JGPR at or (917) 626-1300.



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Sneak Peak at GMHC new facility servicing those impacted by AIDS & HIV

29 Mar

A look at the new GMHC


This past Friday RBRW got a tour of Gay Men’s Health Crisis ( GMHC) new extended facility in New York. GMHC cooks over 90,000 meals a year for people with AIDS and HIV. We are truly inspired by this wonderful organization.

Jacquelyn taking some notes


Fight Aids. Love Life.


To learn more about GMHC you can visit them online at tell’em RBRW sent you.

A WORLD THAT HAS LOST HUMANITY IS A WORLD AT WAR— International Women’s Day Message from RBRW Creator Jacquelyn Aluotto

8 Mar

Happy International Women’s Day:
This is a very personal and honest blog for me. People always ask me why I make documentaries on the issues I do and where my passion comes from. I never really answer all the aspects of that question. I always say because I want to make a difference in the world and help people. Help people break the cycle of abuse, violence, poverty, ignorance etc… All of this is true but the reason behind that is as a young girl I watched my young Mom never really love herself and see how wonderful she is because she was abused. I watch my Mom now and sometimes I get frustrated as to how she doesn’t know what a kind and special, beautiful person she is. My Mom has endured so much and she could have been a bitter hateful woman but instead she is so compassionate. She is just only hard on herself.  She is her worst enemy. As a daughter of course this has always hurt me because I love my mom so much and her happiness is important to me. I have always wondered if people were not abused what they would turn out to be. Or if abused victims had received the proper help, care, and counseling how they could become empowered.

I have learnt through my films and my life with my family and being an activist that helping is healing. Well at least it is for me and so many others. I have learnt, seen, and felt; that in the shelters and safe havens that I film in that if you give victims the proper care, tools, counseling, and support people will become empowered and free. Free from a mind that they deserve nothing and cannot escape a past that haunts them: that there is so much more of the world for them. That love really does exist and being beaten on emotionally and physically amongst other things is not love and not their fault: that they and we all deserve as human not to exist but to live.  To thrive, laugh, cry, and cherish life because it is a gift. We are all a gift.
I have learnt that I feel comfortable in shelters with these women and children. I admire that they are trying to survive in a world that for some reason is afraid of the power they posses and has done everything to strip them of it and yet they are still here and still trying.  They are still strong, beautiful, and powerful. I sit in awe and want to cry sometimes when the children and teens talk about being raped and beaten. That a 10 year old little girl can become a drug addict to numb herself because she was being prostituted out since she was four years old. But yet she will give me a picture she has colored because she wants me to have a gift. After all they have been through they still have so much love in them. It amazes me. It is my inspiration and I hope it always is.  What seems to be the worst for these victims is no one believes them or validates what has happened to them except these Safe Havens. Shelters and Safe Havens are crucial to our existence. I think what has happened to this world is pure INSANITY. Civilization happened a long time ago so why are we still acting like savages. One reason is no one does validate breaking a cycle so it will stop from the next generation. Instead we have perpetuated one.
 I have learned of filming, volunteering and being in shelters and safe havens for ten years. We can all break the cycle of violence, abuse, ignorance, rape etc. It is not easy but with love, support and the proper tools it is happening all over the world and it is beautiful. It inspires me every day. It is what keeps me going as a human activist to evoke change. To demand it. Humanity is the most important thing in this world. Without it we will not survive.

I ask everyone not just women because the men in my life are amazing and show me love every day. Give love and compassion to one another. Love is the greatest gift we can give to each other and ourselves. In this world we value things over people. It is so sad and we are cheating ourselves. My fiancés does not have a lot of money but the love he shows me is priceless and I would not give that up for all the money in the world. When you have unconditional love it restores your soul. My wish is that we can all find that love for each other and ourselves. Helping is healing and that passion in me is my prayer every day. I hope more and more people join me on this journey.


One quarter at a time Jacquelyn’s interview w/ D Stripped Magazine

4 Mar

Check out the interview of Filmmaker and Human Activist  Jacquelyn Aluotto by D Stripped Magazine ( Jacquelyn created RBRW.

Check out this wonderful interview by RBRW Creator Jacquelyn Aluotto

For additional interview inquiries please email

~Solo Dove PR~

Have you kissed dating good-bye?

27 Jan

According to a recent national survey by researchers at Rutgers University, 94 percent of singles stated that they want to marry their soul mate.  However, many of them acknowledged a lack of confidence in being able to achieve this goal. Below are two stories from individuals who obviously followed their hearts but forgot to consult their head in their relationships.

Listen to Marks’ story, he’s thirty-eight, and at the end of a three-year relationship:

I felt sorry for Jenell the first time we talked. She was going through a divorce from a real jerk who cheated on her. I wondered how any guy could do something like that to her; she was so beautiful and nice. She told me she had never been treated or loved in the ways that I took care of her. When I heard about her screwed-up family, I realized why she seemed to feel so “at home” with jerks. It felt great to give her love, something she said she really never had.  Around the fourth month of dating, however, Jenell became moody and picked fights with me, as if she wanted to be mad. I kept trying to make things better, and they were, for a while, but then she would go back into her shell. I should not have stayed with her so long. Why do I always get into the relationships where I am the giver?

Now, let’s listen to Tasha, twenty-eight, at the end of a five-year relationship:

The thing that impressed me most when I met Duane (thirty-one) was that he was so good with my six-year old son. He always talked to him, horsed around and played with him, and would even bring him surprises when he came to my apartment to see me. Being a single mother, I easily fell in love with the father my son never had. I was bothered by the way Duane became harsh sometimes with me, but I wrote if off as just a bad mood. And anyway, you’ve got to take the bad with the good. We married on our first anniversary of going out, but from that time on he was never the same. He had frequent rages and treated me just like his father had treated his mother. I never thought he would act like that; he had been so different before we married. How do I miss the signs of what he was going to be like in marriage?

Do these stories sound familiar? Do you know someone making the same mistakes? Is there really a way to follow your heart and include your head when it comes down to relationships? Yes, there is. I teach a singles class which is comprised of both male and female with ages ranging from 22 to 70 something.

A few months ago our discussion was fun, thought provoking and interactive. Everyone brought a unique perspective to the table.  The one thing we had in common was that we agreed that it is insanity to keep doing same thing and expecting different results. Everyone confessed that we really didn’t  know as much about relationships that we thought we did. Many people have learned about relationships from watching their parents or older siblings,  televison shows, reading novels and friends. Even with that, what made have worked for others, may not necessarily be right for you. To thine own self be true.
Grant it, we’ve all dated before, right? But that doesn’t mean that we knew what we were doing. If the truth be told just like Marc and Tasha many of us had no clue about dating. How many times have we chosen to date  people for all the wrong reasons.? For some of us it’s too many to count.

But does that mean that we have to kiss dating good-bye? No, it does not. It means that single adults need new information to get the kind of results they want. When you are exposing yourself to  information to help you establish a  foundation for healthy, balanced relationships you are preparing yourself with the tools need for a fulfilling marriage.

During our singles class with pen and paper in hand some of questions we answered and discussed ranged from: Do you enjoy being single? How have you chosen the people you’ve dated in the past? Would you do it that same way today? On a scale of 1 to 10 do you feel that you are prepared for marriage? to questions like How would you know if you are ready to date? Do you feel whole without a mate? Have you resolved past relationships hurts?

The answers to these questions were very interesting.  Questions like these makes you think. And while we haven’t touched the tip of the iceberg, everyone went away excited and looking forward to coming together again for more relationship empowerment.

Will 2011 be your year of breakthrough?

27 Jan

Do you need a breakthrough? A breakthrough is a type of release. It’s being able to remove yourself from that which has kept you in bondage. It’s seeing the strongholds in your life break loose. Breakthrough is a process. It’s normally not seen with the natural eyes. But you can feel it happening.

At times you may feel like you’ve moved two steps forward, and at the same time ten steps backwards. But when you’re in the process of breakthrough you see it as part of process. When it’s your season of breakthgough there is feeling of uneasiness. You start asking questions, ” “Why am I here” “What is my purpose” Why did I survive all that I’ve been through”.

There is a sense of discontentment, which is different from complaining and murmuring. There are some people who complain about where they are in life. They complain about this and they complain about that. They talk about what this person isn’t doing or that person isn’t doing. Yet, they want a breakthrough but won’t lift a finger to help themselves.

Neither are they willing to do anything about what they are complaining about. Do you know this kind of person? Being in relationships with people who murmur or who live in the sea of complaints can be very toxic. People like this will drain your spirit. And when it’s time for you to give birth to your destiny, you may not have the strength to P.U.S.H.

On the other hand when you have greatness inside of you there is no way that you can be content with mediocrity. Mediocrity is living below your known true potential. It’s allowing oneself to accept the norm. It’s never going beyond, but doing just enough to get by. It’s pleasing the status quo. Doing what everybody is doing, because it looks like the right thing to do. Mediocrity is the failure to do your best, live your best and be your best. It’s blaming other people for holding you down.

But when you are discontent that means that you want clarity. You desire to know the steps you need to take to make things happen. It means that you are willing to allow your steps to be divinely ordered. Anytime you say to yourself, “There has to me more to life than this”, that means more is looking for you.  It’s your wake up call to the potential for greatness on the inside of you.

What’s tugging at your heart?  When you are ready to answer that call you ask, seek and knock. Unfortunately, we can’t find that which we are not looking for. Doors that we don’t knock on won’t just open. We can’t obtain that which we don’t open our mouths and ask for.

I know that 2010 has been a rough year for all us. Job losses, lay-offs, foreclosures, illnesses and untimely accidents and deaths have taken a toll on many families in this community. But I am of the belief that 2011 can be one of the greatest years of your life. This is the year that you can go from the pit to the palace. 2011 can be your year of financial transition and breakthrough.

Do you remember Joseph in the Bible? Like Joseph, this could be your season of breakthrough. Joseph was only 17 years old when he was sold into slavery. He was 30 years old when he was promoted by Pharaoh. And he was in prison before that. This means that Joseph was in Potiphar’s house for 11 years prior to being falsely accused and thrown in prison.

What seemed like injustice was the very thing that caused Joseph to rise from the pit to the palace. He had to go through the process and make the transition in order to receive his promotion.

What have you gone through in 2010? What pit have you found yourself in? Was it the pit of unemployment, the pit of divorce, the pit of prison, the pit of addiction, sickness or death?

Whatever place you found yourself in last year was part of your process to greatness. If you desire breakthrough, prepare for the promise. You may have been through a lot but you are still here. As long as there is life in you, you can possess the promise.

How bad do you want it? Do not let what happened in 2010 keep you from what’s already yours in 2011. Refuse to allow anger or bitterness to stop the flow of your breakthrough. Forgive those who hurt you. In life people will hurt, betray, or disappoint you. What you do with your hurt is what matters.

Hurt people, hurt people. Wounded people leak issues. They bleed. They hurt. They damage others. But healthy people heal. Deal with the pits of 2010, and prepare for the palace of 2011.

Expect 2011 to be your year of BREAKTHROUGH!